An Online Education

What is an online education you might ask? Well online education came about because some ingenious person invented the internet. Well maybe it was not one person but more like a group. Whatever it is, the internet was such a great invention that many people from all walks of life has benefited from it. Education is one area which the internet has benefited. For example, one can just type a search query online and they can get much much more information than they ever need. Of course this is not really education but the presence of such online encyclopedias have done away with the need for physical encyclopedias, which cannot be updated as fast as the online ones.Anyways, today my article as actually about online based learning. Online based learning or online education is similar in nature and involves a person taking lessons online. This can be in the form of video conferencing where the teacher is shot teaching and the video feed transmitted to a student who is not based at the campus. While this is done real time, the video can also be saved and be downloaded by the students later. There are other ways learning can be done online. For example, students can do their tutorials and submit their homework to teachers online too. All of this makes online long distance learning flexible and easier for students. They can even be working part time and studying part time too. This is what makes an online education attractive to people who are already working.Most of the time when we are busy working, maybe to achieve something in our career, just to make ends meet or perhaps you want to make a success out of yourself, we may forget to further our education. It is important that we learn new things in our lives and not stay stagnant. There are some people who always like to learn new things and hence if they keep on doing the same things in their job or careers, they get bored quickly and also want to change to a new environment. So a good way to get around this would be to be absorbed in something new which is able to attract your attention. Taking up an external long distance degree is a good way to improve yourself and also to learn new things. Best is if you take up something related to your job it may give a leg up to your career.

4 Constructive Ways to Utilize Time Saved by Online Education

Online education certainly saves a lot of time. This is because in full time college education usually consists of listening in the class, retaining to some extent and then coming back and reading and revising. On the other in online education, you listen and learn simultaneously which saves you the time spent at college and the time to commute which could be quite a lot. Here are some of the most constructive ways of utilizing the time that online education saves for you.Find a jobIf your online education is for a Masters or research degree and you already have your graduation, you can find a job and notch up valuable experience in the industry of your choice. Even if the pay is not up to expectation, you might still be able to earn enough to support yourself or your education. More importantly you get a lot of benefits from working in a field and pursuing a higher degree in the same field, including interaction with experts, opportunity to network and most importantly learn on the job.Join another courseIt is not possible to attend two full time degrees in the same period. But if you are pursuing online education, it definitely opens up an opportunity. However, this is the case for those individuals who would like to progress in their career with the help of multiple degrees laterally and not in the same field. A good example is the case where writers can go for mass communications and literature simultaneous. Not only does this save valuable years of their career, it also helps them understand things in the right perspective and extract as much as possible from educational degrees.Pursue extra-curricular interestsOnline education is a boon for all those individuals who want to do well in their professional career but have extracurricular interests too. A good example would be the case of sports persons or artists, who can go for their graduation or masters aiming for a job but at the same time try their luck in other fields where their interests genuinely lie and see if they can be successful. Someone who likes photography, painting, dancing or even music, could pursue all these interests and learn them further, even while making use of the time pursuing an online degree in science of business administration.Follow lifelong dreamsThere are people who have ambitions such as writing a book or travelling the world, something that they have been procrastinating for a long time. These are not like hobbies or extra interests but dreams that they have always nurtures. Online education could be the right break, wherein someone can sit back and follow these dreams and yet ensure that it doesn’t affect their career. So while they are enjoying the fulfillment of their dreams, they can still study and get a degree and advance in their careers. Online education needs effort but it also gives you a lot of flexibility and opportunity to finish other tasks and plan your lessons accordingly.

Degree Programs – Nurse Online Education

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average income for a registered nurse as of May, 2005 was almost $57,000. Further, the 2004 National Sample Survey of Registered Nurses revealed that there is a shortage of registered nurses. Nursing is a growing career and online education degree programs make it an attainable goal even for those who are currently in the workforce.Every state has its own Board of Nursing that determines the licensing requirements for nurses to practice in that particular state. State nursing boards base their criteria on the Uniform Core Licensure Requirements, the Model Nursing Practice Act and the Model Nursing Administrative Rules developed by the National Council of State Nursing Boards (NCSNB). Nurses are required to periodically renew their licenses and certain states mandate continuing education for renewal.There are several types of nurses and degree programs nurse online education that potential students can choose:Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN). An LPN is required to take eighteen months to two years of education in areas such as physiology, anatomy, patient care and medications. To become an LPN, an individual must pass state or national boards and periodically renew their license. The exam all LPNs are required to pass is called the NCLEX-PN. An LPN can handle all aspects of basic care under the supervision of a registered nurse or physician and with the assistance of nursing assistants and orderlies. Bureau of Labor Statistics show there are over 700,000 people employed as LPNs today. Online education makes it easy to work in the field while obtaining necessary educational credentials.Registered Nurse (RN). A registered nurse is a professional nurse who holds an associates degree (two years of study), specialized nursing diploma (three years of study) or bachelors degree (four years of study) and pass the state board exam. The exam all registered nurses are required to pass is called the NCLEX. Registered nurses are also required to have many hours of clinical training and experience prior to graduation. There are less RN programs offering a diploma because many employers prefer registered nurses to hold a bachelors degree. A registered nurse provides direct care to patients, makes decisions about plans of care and supervises LPNs, orderlies and nursing assistants. Registered nurses often pursue a Master of Science in Nursing or Doctor of Nursing Science to take on advanced roles in the field. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that RNs have become the most popular health care occupation in the country, with over 2.3 million people working as registered nurses. Often LPNs decide to pursue their RN for advanced career opportunities. Because there is a great need for additional registered nurses, quite a few employers offers tuition reimbursement and other educational incentives. Online education programs simplify the process of obtaining an advanced degree while gaining necessary experience in the field.Advanced Practice Nurse (APN). An advanced practice nurse is a registered nurse who has advanced skills, experience and education. An APN holds a master’s or doctorate degree in nursing, as well as possible additional certifications. An APN is required to fulfill continuing education and take re-examinations periodically to maintain their license. APNs perform as a nurse practitioner (NP), certified registered nurse anesthetist (CRNA), certified nurse midwife (CNM) or clinical nurse specialist (CNS). Busy registered nurses can pursue advanced degrees online while maintaining their current positions.Continuing Education. To maintain certifications, certain types of nurses in some states are required to fulfill continuing education requirements. Online education programs make is easier for nurses working various hours in the field to complete necessary educational requirements conveniently.Financial Aid. Nursing is a growing career with more jobs available than people to fill them. The US Bureau of Health Professions state that by 2020, the United States will need over 1.7 million nurses and only 635,000 are anticipated to be available. As a result, there are many opportunities to pursue financial aid such as scholarships and tuition reimbursement. Hospitals and schools have a variety of incentive programs available to students who want to work and remain in the nursing profession. Nursing students call also pursue standard state and federal financial aid such as grants, as well as student loan programs such as Stafford.Career Opportunities. Nursing offers a wide variety of settings to work in, such as hospitals, physicians’ offices, schools, military, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, the Red Cross, hospices and businesses. Nurses can become forensic specialists, business nurses, legal nurses or even teach other nurses. Nursing has become a diversified, flexible career with many specialization options available.Career Prospects. The United States Department of Labor reports that Registered Nursing is the top occupation with regard to job growth right through the year 2014. Further, surprising results of the 2006 Harris Poll reveal that nurses, doctors and firefighters are seen as the most prestigious occupations in the United States, while stockbrokers, real estate agents and business executives are perceived at the opposite end of the spectrum. A nurse with a 4 year degree has the potential to earn one of the highest starting salaries in the health care field, with the ability to earn in excess of $100,000 annually.Online education nursing degree programs offer students an opportunity to gain an advanced education while obtaining necessary experience in the field.